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Online Paper Development Workshops

SHOC is running a series of Online Paper Development Workshops aimed especially at early career researchers and doctoral students. The workshops will be held online from Monday 29 November to Friday 10 December. During the workshops, you will have the chance to present and receive constructive feedback from a panel of junior and senior faculty.

Click here for further details.

The OBHC 2020 conference was sadly cancelled but we are pleased to announce that our keynote speakers have agreed to deliver their keynotes in a virtual format, as Zoom webinars – Prof Ewan Ferlie (27.4.20) and Prof Ann Langley (6.5.20).

If you had registered for OBHC conference, you can register for these events via Dr. Roman Kislov: R.Kislov@mmu.ac.uk / @RomanKislov

Before OBHC 2020 was cancelled, researchers had submitted 6,000 word papers for presentation at the conference. SHOC is pleased to announce the winners of Highly Commended and Best Papers (in the tweets which follow, culminating in –drum roll– the best paper). Many congratulations to all. Thanks to the award selection committee.

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