OBHC Publications

Selection of new publications in 2016

• Boch Waldorff, S., Reff Pedersen, A., Fitzgerald, L. and Ferlie, E. (eds) (2016) Managing Change – From Health Policy to Practice. Basingstoke; Palgrave Macmillan.

• Exworthy, M., Mannion, R. and Powell, M. (eds) (2016) Dismantling the NHS? Evaluating the impact of health reforms. Bristol; Policy Press,

• Ferlie, E., Montgomery, K. and Reff Pedersen, A. (ed.) (2016) The Oxford Handbook of Health Care Management. Oxford; Oxford University Press.

• Powell, A. and Davies, HTO (2016) Doctors and managers: a narrative literature review. London; Nuffield Trust. (PDF available)

• Walshe, K. and Smith, J. (eds) (2016) Healthcare Management. 3rd edition. London, Open University Press.

Books and Journal Issues resulting from our conferences

OBHC 2014 in Copenhagen

New book emanating from OHBC 2014 conference

Boch Waldorff, S (ed.), Reff Pedersen, A (ed.), Fitzgerald, L & Ferlie, E (ed.) 2015, Managing Change – From Health Policy to Practice. Palgrave Macmillan.

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (14 Oct. 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1137518154

ISBN-13: 978-1137518156

An edited collection of papers from the OBHC 2014 conference in Copenhagen is now available.

OBHC 2012 in Dublin

Keating, M.; McDermott, A. and Montgomery. K. (ed.s) (2013) ‘Achieving patient-centred healthcare: Coordination, communication and innovation’, London, Palgrave.

The book comprises four sections. Each presents four papers focussing on a specific theme central to the concept of Patient-Centred Care. Section 1 presents papers focused on Conceptions and Cultures of Patient-Centred Care; Section 2 looks at Coordinating for Care; Section 3 is organised around Communication in Patient-Centred Care; and in Section 4 Innovations in research, theory and practice in Patient-Centred Care are presented.

Journal of Health Organization and Management Special Issue, Vol. 27(3) ‘Managing people to manage care: From patient to people-centredness at OBHC 2012’. Guest Editors: Aoife McDermott & Mary Keating. The special issue comprises six papers, namely:

Hyde, P., Sparrow, P., Boaden, R. and Harris, C. High performance HRM: NHS employee perspectives.

Leggat, S.G. and Balding, C. Achieving organisational competence for clinical leadership: The role of high performance work systems.

Freeney, Y. and Fellenz, M.R. Work engagement as a key driver of quality of care: a study with midwives.

Chênevert, D., Jourdain, G., Cole, N. and Banville, B. The role of organisational justice, burnout and commitment in the understanding of absenteeism in the Canadian healthcare sector .

Cowman, J. and Keating, M.A. Industrial relations conflict in Irish hospitals: a review of Labour Court cases.

Augustsson, H., Törnquist, A. and Hasson, H. Challenges in transferring individual learning to organizational learning in the residential care of older people.

OBHC in Birmingham 2010

Dickinson, H. & Mannion, R. (ed.s) (2011) The Reform of Health Care: Shaping, Adapting and Resisting Policy Developments; London, Palgrave Macmillan. isbn 10: 0230297935

Journal of Health Organization and Management, Special Issue, (2011) 25(3): ‘Reform of healthcare’, Guest Editors -Dickinson, H., Millar, R. & West, M. This contains the following papers:

Angus Corbett, Jo Travaglia, Jeffrey Braithwaite – The role of individual diligence in improving safety,(pp. 247 – 260)

Paul Smith, Libby Hampson, Jonathan Scott, Karen Bower – Introducing innovation in a management development programme for a UK primary care organisation,(pp. 261 – 280)

Sandra G. Leggat, Timothy Bartram, Pauline Stanton High performance work systems: the gap between policy and practice in health care reform, (pp. 281 – 297)

Emmanouil Gkeredakis, Jacky Swan, John Powell, Davide Nicolini, Harry Scarbrough, Claudia Roginski, Sian Taylor-Phillips, Aileen Clarke – Mind the gap: Understanding utilisation of evidence and policy in health care management practice,(pp. 298 – 314)

Simon Bishop, Justin Waring – Inconsistency in health care professional work: Employment in independent sector treatment centres,(pp. 315 – 331).

Henna Hasson, Mats Andersson, Ulrika Bejerholm – Barriers in implementation of evidence-based practice: Supported employment in Swedish context,(pp. 332 – 345)

OBHC in Sydney, Australia 2008

Braithwaite, J.; Hyde, P.& Pope,C. (ed.s) (2009) Culture and Climate in Health Care Organizations; London, Palgrave Macmillan. isbn 10: 0230584659

Journal of Health Organization & Management Special Issue, (2009) 23(6) : Culture and climate in health care organisations. Guest Editors-Hyde, P., Braithwaite, J. and Fitzgerald, A.

We also streamed some papers into Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management.

OBHC in Aberdeen, 2006

McKee, L.; Ferlie, E. & Hyde, P. (ed.s) (2008) Organizing and Reorganizing power and change in healthcare organizations; London, Palgrave Macmillan. isbn 9780230542945

Journal of Health Organization and Management, (2007) 21(4/5) People and Power. Guest editors – Louise Fitzgerald, Annabelle Mark and Lorna McKee. ISSN 1477-7266

OBHC in Calgary, Canada, 2004

Casebeer, A.; Harrison, A. & Mark, A.L. (ed.s) (2006) Innovations in Healthcare – a reality check; London, Palgrave Macmillan. isbn 1403947481

OBHC in Oxford, 2002

Dopson, S. & Mark, A.L. (ed.s) (2003) Leading healthcare organizations; London, Palgrave Macmillan. isbn 1403902704

OBHC in Keele, 2000

Ashburner, L. (ed.) (2001) Organisational Behaviour and Organisational studies in healthcare – reflections on the future; London, Palgrave Macmillan. isbn 0333947703

OBHC in Middlesex, 1998

Mark, A.L. & Dopson, S. (ed.s) (1999) Organisational Behaviour in Healthcare – the research agenda; Macmillan Business. isbn 0333 745558