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Decentring Health and Care Networks

Reshaping the Organization and Delivery of Healthcare

Editors: Bevir, Mark, Waring, Justin (Eds.)
© 2020

Networks have become a prominent template for public service governance. Often seen as an alternative to hierarchies and contracts, networks cross institutionalized organizational or sectoral boundaries to promote collaboration and the sharing of resources when addressing complex problems. Nowhere is this more the case than in the field of health services modernization and improvement.

Comprising unique empirical contributions, drawn primarily from the experience of the UK National Health Service (NHS), this edited collection develops a ‘decentred’ analysis of health and care networks. Contributors look beyond particular structures or patterns of governance and focus instead on the interpretation of the meaningful practices of policy actors as they encounter and enact policy instruments and structures. The approach offers a distinct form of analysis that deepens and enriches more traditional public policy accounts of network governance. It recognizes the influence of local history, highlights the influence of dominant economic, technical and corporate narratives, and acknowledges the continued influence of biomedical knowledge and professional expertise.

Offering practical insight for current and future service leaders about the challenges of implementing, managing and working within networks, this book draws out key messages for practitioners and researchers alike.

Transitions and Boundaries in the Coordination and Reform of Health Services

Building Knowledge, Strategy and Leadership

Editors: Nugus, P., Rodriguez, C., Denis, J.-L., Chênevert, D. (Eds.)
© 2020

Health systems worldwide are grappling with the challenge of coordinating difference in an increasingly complex care environment. In response this book features the latest research on organizational studies in healthcare and explores the relationship between strategic and organic change and what this means for the way we organize health work. Focusing on the complexity of healthcare environments, it discusses the need to cross professional and organizational boundaries. Specifically, this book focuses on the implications for health systems in the way that they continue to balance planning and intervention with organic learning systems.

Comprising the best contributions from the 2018 Conference on Organizational Behaviour in Health Care (OBHC), this book is an important resource for healthcare researchers, as well as policy-makers and managers within the industry. Contributors explore the extent to which healthcare is codified through empirical analysis of practical interventions and conceptual debate.

Managing Improvement in Healthcare

Attaining, Sustaining and Spreading Quality

Editors: McDermott, Aoife M., Kitchener, Martin, Exworthy, Mark (Eds.)
© 2018

Reflecting the challenges and opportunities of achieving improvement in healthcare systems, the contributions of this innovative new text lend depth and nuance to an increasing area of academic debate. Encompassing context, processes and agency, Managing Improvements in Healthcare addresses the task of attaining, embedding and sustaining improvement in the industry. The book begins by offering insight into the different valued aspects of quality, providing specific examples of national and organizational interventions in pursuit of improvement. The second part focuses on strategies for embedding good practice and ensuring the spread of high quality through knowledge mobilization, and the final part draws attention to the different groups of change agents involved in delivering, co-creating and benefitting from quality improvement. This inventive text will be insightful to those researchers interested in healthcare and organization, looking to transform theory into policy and practice.

Managing Change

From Health Policy to Practice

Editors: Ferlie, E., Boch Waldorff, S., Reff Pedersen, A., Fitzgerald, L., Lewis, P.G. (Eds.)
© 2015

Managing Change is about implementing health care reforms, policies and programs into everyday practices. The book explores organizational change in health care as influenced by contemporary policy and management concepts, and presents and applies theoretical perspectives.

Patient-Centred Health Care

Achieving Co-ordination, Communication and Innovation

Editors: Keating, M., McDermott, A., Montgomery, K. (Eds.)
© 2014

There are four core themes developed in this book which deal with critical issues, models, theories and frameworks. These expound understandings of patient centred care and the processes, practices and behaviours supporting its attainment: conceptions and cultures of patient-centred care, coordination, communication, innovation.

The Reform of Health Care

Shaping, Adapting and Resisting Policy Developments

Editors: Dickinson, H., Mannion, R. (Eds.)
© 2012

This book examines how healthcare organisations shape, adapt and resist developments in healthcare policy and practice. This is an international text bringing together contributions from around the globe and covers a wide range of different discussions in relation to the policy/practice gap.

Culture and Climate in Health Care Organizations

Editors: Braithwaite, J., Hyde, P., Pope, C. (Eds.)
© 2010

This book showcases international research on health care organizations. It presents diverse and multidisciplinary approaches to studying differing health care settings, in international context. These approaches range from in depth observation to questionnaire based measures, investigating a spectrum of health care professionals.

Organizing and Reorganizing

Power and Change in Health Care Organizations

Editors: McKee, L., Ferlie, E., Hyde, P. (Eds.)
© 2008

The fifth title in an ongoing series on organizational behaviour in health care. This edition reveals the handling of organizational politics, power and change as a core aspect of effective reorganizations and explores how health care management research relates to health policy in this politically charged arena.

Innovations in Health Care

A Reality Check

Editors: Casebeer, A., Harrison, A., Mark, A. (Eds.)
© 2006

This latest title in the series from the conference Organizational Behaviour in Health Care compiles examples of innovations within healthcare settings to provide valuable examples of what can be achieved through organizational change. It also considers cases where innovations were hindered, examining where theories and practices are falling short.

Leading Health Care Organisations

Editors: Dopson, S., Harrison, A., Mark, Annabelle L. (Eds.)
© 2003

This book addresses the topic of leadership in healthcare. There is a great deal of rhetoric around leadership but the reality is that there is no ‘best way’ of leading, this book explores the rhetoric with papers that contribute insights into; taking healthcare forward in the 21st Century; the nature of leadership in healthcare; and organisational forms that are leading the field. The book promotes Organisational Behaviour in Healthcare as a serious academic field that can provide insights of use to managers, professionals and policy makers in the healthcare area.

Organisational Behaviour and Organisation Studies in Health Care

Reflections on the Future

Editors: Ashburner, L. (Ed.)
© 2001

This book is based on papers from the second Symposium on Organisational Behaviour in Health Care, and is intended to stimulate debate and new methods of working amongst health care researchers and professionals as the health sector undergoes further transformatory change. Individual chapters explore key developments in contemporary health care: from the impact of IT on professional culture; the use of overseas nurses; clinical governance; telemedicine, to the development of new organisational forms within primary care and across the sector with increased partnership working.

Organisational Behaviour in Health Care

The Research Agenda

Authors: Mark, Annabelle, Dopson, Sue
© 1999

This book brings together a variety of the best papers from an international research symposium on organisational behaviour in healthcare. It includes contributions from key names such as Sandra Dawson and Peter Spurgeon with a foreword by Rosemary Stewart. Also including chapters from Australia, Canada and Europe, it is consciously international in perspective and aims to relate the public sector agenda as a comparator for developments in the US.

Journal Issues Emanating from our Conferences

Journal of Health Organization and Management Special Issue, Vol. 27(3)

Managing people to manage care: From patient to people-centredness at OBHC 2012

Guest Editors: Aoife McDermott & Mary Keating. The special issue comprises six papers, namely:

Hyde, P., Sparrow, P., Boaden, R. and Harris, C. High performance HRM: NHS employee perspectives.

Leggat, S.G. and Balding, C. Achieving organisational competence for clinical leadership: The role of high performance work systems.

Freeney, Y. and Fellenz, M.R. Work engagement as a key driver of quality of care: a study with midwives.

Chênevert, D., Jourdain, G., Cole, N. and Banville, B. The role of organisational justice, burnout and commitment in the understanding of absenteeism in the Canadian healthcare sector .

Cowman, J. and Keating, M.A. Industrial relations conflict in Irish hospitals: a review of Labour Court cases.

Augustsson, H., Törnquist, A. and Hasson, H. Challenges in transferring individual learning to organizational learning in the residential care of older people.

Journal of Health Organization and Management, Special Issue, (2011) 25(3)

Reform of Healthcare

Guest Editors: Dickinson, H., Millar, R. & West, M. This contains the following papers:

Angus Corbett, Jo Travaglia, Jeffrey Braithwaite – The role of individual diligence in improving safety, (pp. 247 – 260)

Paul Smith, Libby Hampson, Jonathan Scott, Karen Bower – Introducing innovation in a management development programme for a UK primary care organisation, (pp. 261 – 280)

Sandra G. Leggat, Timothy Bartram, Pauline Stanton High performance work systems: the gap between policy and practice in health care reform, (pp. 281 – 297)

Emmanouil Gkeredakis, Jacky Swan, John Powell, Davide Nicolini, Harry Scarbrough, Claudia Roginski, Sian Taylor-Phillips, Aileen Clarke – Mind the gap: Understanding utilisation of evidence and policy in health care management practice, (pp. 298 – 314)

Simon Bishop, Justin Waring – Inconsistency in health care professional work: Employment in independent sector treatment centres,(pp. 315 – 331).

Henna Hasson, Mats Andersson, Ulrika Bejerholm – Barriers in implementation of evidence-based practice: Supported employment in Swedish context, (pp. 332 – 345)

Journal of Health Organization and Management Special Issue, (2009) 23(6)

Culture and Climate in Health Care Organisations

Guest Editors: Hyde, P., Braithwaite, J. and Fitzgerald, A.

We also streamed some papers into Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management.

Journal of Health Organization and Management, (2007) 21(4/5)

People and Power

Guest editors: Louise Fitzgerald, Annabelle Mark and Lorna McKee. ISSN 1477-7266