Previous Conferences

11th Organizational Behaviour in Heath Care (OBHC) Conference

Coordinating Care Across Boundaries and Borders

Sunday, May 13 to Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Montreal, Canada

The 2018 OBHC Conference, the primary activity of the Society for Studies in Organizing Heathcare, was jointly hosted by McGill University (Department of Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Desautels Faculty of Management), l’Université de Montréal (École de Santé Publique), and HEC Montréal (Le Pôle santé). The conference took place in the heart of this charming city, at the Centre Mont-Royal.

Prestigious Guest Speakers:

Samia Chreim, University of Ottawa

Scott Garrison, University of Alberta

Pascale Lehoux, l’Université de Montréal

Henry Mintzberg, McGill University (to be confirmed)

Vinh-­‐Kim Nguyen, l’Université de Montréal

Davide Nicolini, University of Warwick

Stephen Peckham, University of Kent / LSHTM

Trish Reay, University of Alberta

Eric C. Schneider, The Commonwealth Fund, USA

Daniel Weinstock, McGill University

The 10th International Organisational Behaviour in Healthcare Conference was held at Cardiff Business School on 4th-6th April 2016. The Conference theme was ‘Attaining, sustaining and spreading improvement: Art or Science?’. It was hosted by Cardiff Health Organisation and Policy Studies Group (CHOPS), Cardiff Business School.

Professor Martin Kitchener, Dr. Aoife McDermott, and the whole team delivered a highly successful conference. The conference was a wonderful demonstration of the vibrancy and vitality of our community of practice. It was also a real showcase of the City of Cardiff, ancient and modern, with the conference itself held in the fabulous new premises of the Business School and social events in the splendour of Cardiff Castle and dinner in the National Museum.

A summary of the 10th OBHC conference:
18 countries represented
52 reviewers of conference papers
86 sessions
35 participants in the pre-conference event for PhD and early career researchers
15 Health Foundation bursaries for PhD and early career researchers. The calibre was so high, Cardiff Business School made provision for support of a further 9 individuals
5 symposia, the first time these were included in the programme
3 keynotes speakers:
• Mark Drakeford, Minister for Health and Social Services in the Welsh government
• Professor Steve Shortell, University of Berkeley, USA
• Professor Louise Fitzgerald, Oxford University / De Montfort University
• An innovation of this year’s conference was the pre-conference workshop for PhD students and early career researchers. By giving a focus to this research, the workshop not only aims to enhance the rigour of the research but foster a new community of researchers.
• The conference recognised the enormous contribution to SHOC by Professor Lorna McKee over many years.

Awards were given to the following:
Best papers by an Early Career Researcher:
• Comfort Adeosun (University of Aberdeen), with McKee L.,Homans H. & Rae R. “Stakeholder involvement and service user’s acceptance in the implementation of new practice guideline”
• Joy Furnival University of Manchester), with Walshe K. & Boaden R. “Emerging hybridity: A comparative analysis of regulatory arrangements in the four countries of the United Kingdom”
Highly Commended PhD paper:
• Dori Cross (University of Michigan). “Contextual factors influencing success of primary care teams: A scoping review”
Highly commended papers:
• Julie E. Reed (Imperial College, London) and Heather C. Kaplan (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital). “Qualitative exploration of context using the Model for Understanding Success in Quality (MUSIQ)”
• Gerry McGivern (Warwick Business School), Michael Fischer (University of Melbourne), Justin Waring (University of Nottingham), Tomas Palaima (Vilnius University), Zoey Spendlove (Warwick Business School), Oliver Thomson (British School of Osteopathy) and Tina Kiefer (Warwick Business School). “Improving health care through relational regulation: The case of UK osteopathy.”
Best paper:
• Justin Waring and Amanda Crompton (University of Nottingham). “A movement for improvement? Leading and framing the implementation of collaborative change.”

The 9th International Organisational Behaviour in Healthcare Conference, ‘When Health Policy Meets Every Day Practices’, was hosted at Copenhagen Business School by CBS Public-Private Platform in Denmark, on 23-25th April 2014. This was the first OB in HC conference to be held in Northern Europe. The conference was a great success with over 100 attendees coming from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, the US, Canada and Australia.

Our 8th International Organisation Behaviour in Healthcare Conference
15 – 17 April 2012
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Patient centred health care teams:
Achieving collaboration, communication and care.

The Conference explored how healthcare organisations and professions can work towards achieving patient-centred healthcare. A broad range of contributions were received, including those addressing themes of teamwork, networks, communication, collaboration and care.

Previous conferences with associated publications have been held at:

University of Birmingham, U.K. 2010

The book from this conference is entitled-

Dickinson, H. & Mannion, R. (2011) The Reform of Healthcare-Shaping, adapting and resisting policy developments, London, Palgrave Macmillan.

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia 2008

The book from this conference is entitled-

Braithwaite, J.; Hyde, P. and Pope, C. (2010) Culture & Climate: cracking the code, London, Palgrave Macmillan.

Plus we produced two special edition journals.

Aberdeen University, Scotland, 2006

The book from this conference is entitled-

McKee, L.; Ferlie, E. and Hyde, P. (2008) Organizing and Reorganizing: Power and Change in Health Care Organizations, London, Palgrave Macmillan.

Fitzgerald, L.; Mark, A. L. & McKee, L. (2007) Guest Editors for a double special edition on Power and People in the Journal of Health Organization and Management.21(4/5) 353-357.

OBHC in Calgary, Canada, 2004

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OBHC in Oxford, 2002

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OBHC in Keele, 2000

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OBHC in Middlesex, 1998

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