As a charity and a Learned Society, SHOC has a number of Trustees. Currently, these are:
Professor Sue Dopson, University of Oxford
Professor Aoife McDermott, Cardiff University
Professor Catherine Pope, University of Oxford
Professor Mark Exworthy, University of Birmingham
Professor Graeme Currie, University of Warwick
Professor Justin Waring, University of Birmingham
Professor Jackie Bridges, University of Southampton
Professor Davide Nicolini, University of Warwick

Current SHOC Executive Committee

Professor Mark Exworthy, University of Birmingham
Deputy Chair:
 Dr Diane Burns, University of Sheffield
 Dr Lorelei Jones, Bangor University
 Professor Roman Kislov, Manchester Metropolitan University
ECA Representative:
 Dr Elizabeth Côté-Boileau, Manchester University of Montreal
ECA Representative:
 Jennifer Gutberg, University of Toronto
ECA Representative:
 Tracey Rosell, Cardiff University
ECA Representative:
 Dr Charlotte Overton, University of Leicester
Membership Officer:
 Dr Anna Galazka, Cardiff University
External Relations Officer:
 Professor Bjørn Erik Mørk, BI Norwegian Business School
External Relations Officer:
 Shalini Ganasan, Cardiff University

Minutes from the latest AGM

Minutes of the latest AGM can be found