About SHOC

An informal group of interested academics had been organizing a conference bi-annually since 1998. Then in 2004, they decided to form a society in order to sustain the conference and extend their activities. Thus, The Society for Studies in Organizing Healthcare, using the acronym SHOC was formed.

The original purposes of the Society were:
• the promotion of excellence and encouragement of advancement in the organisation of healthcare through research, education and service to the community
• to support and encourage the advancement through collaboration and when appropriate representative discussions and advice to governments and other communities at both political and administrative levels nationally and internationally
• to develop and disseminate theory and practice in organising healthcare through the provision of conferences seminars and associated publications both nationally and internationally
• to comment on national needs and encourage international co-operation in the development and practise of organising for healthcare
• to enhance the organisation of healthcare through the recognition and celebration of outstanding contributions
• in pursuit of the above to bring together such people and resources as are needed to create sustain and develop the society to achieve its purpose.

It is a registered Charity in the UK under the title of ‘The Society For The Study Of Organising For Health Care’. Registered Number with the Charity Commission is 1120797.

Under Charity Commission rules in 2007 it changed its purpose to:
“Advance the education of the public in the study of the organisation of health care, including the promotion of research and the dissemination of the useful results thereof.”
…although many previous objectives will continue to inform its activities.

This society is a member of the Academy of Social Science in the UK that represents both Learned Societies and individual academicians working in the field of social science http://www.acss.org.uk/
It has been an active participant in the Academy participating in the development of the 2008 report available on the Academy Website.