OBHC Pre-Conference Workshop

Monday 12 September

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OBHC 2022: 12-14 September, University of Birmingham

Paper submission now open.

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Online Paper Development Workshops:

SHOC is running a series of Online Paper Development Workshops aimed especially at early career researchers and doctoral students. The workshops will be held online from Monday 29 November to Friday 10 December. During the workshops, you will have the chance to present and receive constructive feedback from a panel of junior and senior faculty.

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OBHC 2020 Conference: Keynote Webinars

The OBHC 2020 conference was sadly cancelled but we are pleased to announce that our keynote speakers have agreed to deliver their keynotes in a virtual format, as Zoom webinars – Prof Ewan Ferlie (27.4.20) and Prof Ann Langley (6.5.20).

Professor Ewan Ferlie, King’s College London

10.00 – 10.50 a.m. BST (British Summer Time) Monday 27th April 2020

“The UK Health Policy Process: Integration, Fragmentation or Pluralisation?”

The talk will explore recent changes in the UK health policy process. It will suggest that the integration / fragmentation binary useful in the analysis of service delivery is not so helpful at this macro level. Here the tension is between narrowly and more broadly scoped policy processes. This tension will be explored in relation to some vignettes of the UK health policy process. It will be concluded that there is evidence of pluralisation, but in a bounded fashion.

Professor Ewan Ferlie, King’s College London

“The UK Health Policy Process …”

The Keynote Slides
The Keynote Recording

Professor Ann Langley, HEC Montreal

‘Between Patients, Professions and Politics: Managerial Agency in Health Care Reform’

In the context of ongoing waves of health care reform, senior managers of health care organizations find themselves at the nexus of top-down political forces demanding policy implementation and bottom-up pressures from powerful professional groups. In addition, they share the responsibility of ensuring high quality health care delivery to users of the health care system. How do managers, as crucial agents at the heart of the health care system engage with and contribute to the enactment of health care reform? Drawing on research findings and practice-based theories, this presentation will explore the implications of the different forms of institutional work that senior managers engage in as they navigate these diverse pressures and influence the shape of reform on the ground.

The Keynote Slides
The Keynote Recording

OBHC 2020 conference: Best Paper Awards

You have invested a lot of time and effort into writing and reviewing papers for the conference, and we thought it would be nice to uphold the OBHC tradition and proceed with OBHC Best Paper awards. We thank our award selection committee – Diane Burns, Sue Dopson, Louise Fitzgerald, Gill Harvey and Justin Waring – for their thorough reading and enthusiastic discussion of shortlisted papers. We are also grateful to Jean-Louis Denis and Mark Exworthy for providing advice and guidance throughout the selection process. This year’s awards are special not only because of the circumstances in which we are announcing the winners. We are also introducing the inaugural Liz West Best PhD Paper Award to pay tribute to the tremendous contribution Professor Liz West made to SHOC/OBHC community and our field of study.

Professor Liz West, longstanding SHOC member and beloved social science researcher, passed away on August 4th, 2018. She was most recently Professor of Applied Social Science at the University of Greenwich, where she was also the Director of the Centre for Positive Ageing, and Head of the Health and Society Research Group. Throughout her career, Liz focused on public health and social inequality, patients’ experiences and evaluation of care, and professional and inter-professional issues. Her research took advantage of large existing datasets, including the British Household Panel Survey, Intensive Care National Audit and Research Data, Care Home and Quality data and the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing to address new questions in health policy and health services change, particularly in relation to provision of care for older adults. Liz was passionate about developing and supporting younger scholars, and it is particularly fitting that the award named after her will be given to the best PhD paper submitted to OBHC.

And here are the winners:

OBHC 2020 Highly Commended PhD Paper: Susan Usher, Jean-Louis Denis, Élizabeth Côté-Boileau, Johanne Préval, G. Ross Baker, Samia Chreim “What does it mean to have quality drive healthcare reforms? Ontario’s experience”

OBHC 2020 Highly Commended PhD Paper: Christian P. Kortkamp, Clarissa E. Weber, Indre Maurer “Micro-strategies to enforce competing demands in interprofessional collaboration: The case of geriatric nurses and general practitioners in German nursing homes”

OBHC 2020 Liz West Best PhD Paper: Hanna Carlsson, Roos Pijpers “Crafting outreach and social support services for older migrants: Convergence and divergence in two local landscapes of health and social care in the Netherlands”

OBHC 2020 Highly Commended Paper: Mhorag Goff, Damian Hodgson, Michael Bresnen, Simon Bailey “The ambiguous workaround: Exploring the tensions between stability and change in healthcare innovation”

OBHC 2020 Best Paper: Ian Kirkpatrick, Alessandro Zardini, Gianluca Veronesi “Professional re-stratification and the (defensive) adaptation of status hierarchies: Medical management in English public hospitals”

Please join us in congratulating the winners!

Invitation to bid to host the Organisational Behaviour in Health Care (OBHC) Conference in 2022

SHOC invites bids to host the 13th OBHC conference in 2022.

The location of the OBHC conference usually alternates between the UK and other countries. SHOC is keen to accept bids from any institution.

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